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Mermaid’s Chair / Sandy Bay Beach

These beaches are located in the gated community of Botony Bay, but all of our beaches are public and everyone must be granted access. You do need to be in good physical condition to get to these beaches though as you must park on the road, outside the gates, and walk down if you are not a resident, unless you catch one of the shuttles. The walk to the beach is down hill and not too bad, but coming back up is quite strenuous as it’s all uphill with no plateaus and very little shade. If you decide to do this, and it really is worth it, make sure to wear SPF, bring a hat, good walking shoes, rash guards and more water than you think you’ll need. Trust me.

If you would rather catch a shuttle, there are two that take guests down at 8am, 12:30pm, and one at 4pm that brings you back. You will need to be picked up in the same spot that you were dropped off. Make sure you aren’t late for the 4pm shuttle, or you will have to walk to the top.

These beaches are stunning, so it is worth it. Mermaid’s Chair is the only location on St. Thomas where the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are separated by a thin strip of land. Before going, do a little research online to see what people recommend, there is a lot of info. Sandy Beach is equally stunning and much sandier than Mermaid’s Chair. It’s the perfect beach for someone looking for an activity and a beach off the beaten path.

If you take a taxi to Botany Bay – make sure you give the driver a time to pick you up as there is almost no cell service there. Better yet book a personal driver for you vacation and leave your traffic worries behind. Click HERE to find out more.

- This beach does not offer food
- This beach is good for snorkeling
- No Public Restrooms available
- There is nothing here to rent

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